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Journal of Agricultural Research (YAU-JAR)

Journal of Agricultural Research (2020), Volume. 7, Issue (2)

Effect of Zinc and Boron on Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Green Gram (Vigna radiata L.) in Central Dry Zone

Tin Mar Win, Kyaw Ngwe, Kyi Kyi Shwe, Aye Aye Khaing


The field experiments were conducted in Kyunpyar Village, Minbu Township, Magway Region, in Central Dry Zone during monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, 2017, to evaluate the effect of zinc (Zn) and boron (B) on yield and yield contributing characters of green gram, to investigate the combined effect of Zn and B on yield and yield components of green gram and to find out the optimum dose of Zn and B for increasing yield of green gram in the experimental area. The experimental design was 4 x 3 factorial arrangements in randomized completed block design (RCBD) with three replications. There were 12 treatments comprising of four levels of zinc (0.0, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 kg ha-1) and three levels of boron (0.0, 0.5 and 1.0 kg ha-1) along with a recommended dose of N20 P40 K40 kg ha-1. The tested variety was Yezin-14. The results indicated that single application of 3.0kg Zn ha-1 and boron 1.0kg B ha-1 produced the greatest yield in both seasons. Combined application of Zn and B treatment T12 (3.0kg Zn ha-1 + 1.0kg B ha-1) gave the maximum yield (1690 kg ha-1) in monsoon season, which was statistically similar to T6 (1.0kg Zn ha-1 + 1.0kg B ha-1) treatment. Tallest plant height (40.73cm), greatest number of seeds per pod (12.80) and maximum harvest index (0.46) were obtained from treatment T6 in monsoon season. In post-monsoon season, T12 showed the greatest number of seeds per pod (11.46), 100seed weight, highest number of pods per plant, total dry matter and the yield (557 kg ha-1). From this investigation, it can be concluded that the treatment T6 was the optimum dose for monsoon season and the treatment T12 was the suitable dose for post-monsoon season to get the maximum yield of green gram cultivation in the experimental area.

Keywords: Zinc, Boron, Green gram, Yield and yield contributing characters

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