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Journal of Agricultural Research (YAU-JAR)

Journal of Agricultural Research (2020), Volume. 7, Issue (2)

Screening of Rice Varieties against Pyricularia oryzae in Myanmar

Ye Min Thu, Seint San Aye, Nay Lin Oo, Htay Htay Oo, and Tin Aye Aye Naing


The study is carried out to evaluate the resistance level of local rice varieties and promising YAU rice lines against rice blast disease caused by Pyricularia oryzae. Two isolates of P. oryzae namely Po1 and Po2 were collected from Zeyarthiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, and five isolates namely Po3, Po4, Po5, Po6 and Po7 from Myaungmya Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region. According to the pathogenicity test, Po1 isolate was found to be the most virulent one. In the evaluation of resistance of 33 cultivated rice varieties, 4 varieties were found to be moderately susceptible and 27 varieties susceptible. The rest two varieties, Shwe Thwe Yin and Naung Ta Moe Se, were observed to be highly susceptible. Of 32 tested promising YAU rice lines, 13 were found as moderately susceptible, and 18 as susceptible ones. One line, YAU-1211-22-2-1, was highly susceptible. Among tested varieties and lines, 5 varieties and 16 lines were found to have quantitative resistance to rice blast disease. This study provided the information of quantitative resistance in the local rice varieties and the promising YAU rice lines.

Keywords: Pyricularia oryzae, Quantitative resistance, Rice varieties, YAU rice lines

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